We are ready to rethink logistics – are you?

An ambitious and innovative trio is behind the new trolley system, UNI-TROLL EUROPE, which will soon revolutionize logistics.

Søren Bøgede Andersen. Erling K. Mogensen. Steen Juul Thomsen.
Three innovative men on a mission to renew and rethink logistics in a smarter and greener direction.

The idea was born at a networking event where Erling K. Mogensen and Steen Juul Thomsen met. Steen Juul Thomsen is a fourth-generation co-owner of the Hjortebjerg Nursery and has been a user of CC-trolleys many years. He missed being able to automate his work at Hjortebjerg.

This challenge and the following discussion with Erling Mogensen provided the basis for their new joint venture, UNI-TROLL EUROPE.

The desire to make a difference
Shortly thereafter, Søren Bøgede Andersen – long-time chairman of Container Centralen – got involved. From then on the idea developed and improved.

“Our teamwork has been absolutely fantastic. We have had the common goal of creating something that could really make a difference. The unity and commitment throughout the project has been fantastic,” says Steen Juul Thomsen.

Søren Bøgede Andersen adds:

“There’s been a real will to make something better. We wanted to make a difference for the environment, and add value for the users.”

Better utilization of capacity
Erling K. Mogensen has invented and designed pallet-racking systems since 1975. As an engineer, he has long seen a need for innovation in the field.

“The main difference our trolley brings to the market is the ability to automate operations in all parts of the supply chain, from production to point of delivery. We don’t want to cause job losses, but we will increase efficiency and improve capacity utilization with the possibility of using robots.

“The trolley is modular and can handle all types of goods that can be stacked and housed in boxes. It is multi-flexible in terms of the number of shelves, height, and filled and unfilled trolleys,” Erling K. Mogensen explains.

A grand vision
The three founders agree that the new trolley type can make a big difference. They want to improve the sustainability of international product distribution with the multifunctional trolley.

“The market needs a new, unique, universal modular standard trolley for multiple logistic purposes. At UNI-TROLL EUROPE we are ready to rethink logistics,” says Søren Bøgede Andersen.

Are you?