Cookie and privacy policy

This cookie and privacy policy contain information on how UNI-TROLL EUROPE collects and processes personal information and uses cookies in our business.

We process the information you provide or collect, in accordance with applicable rules.

We are aware that your information is processed with respect for the confidentiality of the information and for your privacy.

What information do we treat
UNI-TROLL EUROPE is the data controller for the information we receive from you or about you in connection with a contact with us, a collaboration or visit to our digital platforms.

Personal data is any form of information about an identified or identifiable natural person. That is all kinds of information that can be linked directly or indirectly to a person. For example, it may be your name, your private address, your email address, or your CPR number.

UNI-TROLL EUROPE treats the personal information you provide to us or as we receive from authorities, companies or others.

UNI-TROLL EUROPE can also obtain information about you from other authorities, companies or others when it is necessary for the performance of UNI-TROLL EUROPE 's business.

This means that we, among other obtain and keep:

Information about employees to the extent necessary to perform the employment relationship and, for example, pay salaries.
Information about applicants to the extent necessary to process your application.
Information about recipients of newsletters when you volunteered to sign up for our newsletters, we use the information you provide. After you submit your personal information, we automatically collect more knowledge about you when interacting with the newsletter. We can see what you open and click. We use this information to market our business.
Contact information in relation to customer relationships in order to handle our common, legal and natural commercial interests. Therefore, we store contact information and company data such as CVR numbers, addresses, URLs, email addresses and phone numbers. We also store various information for project management and timer registration to perform our work and document it for billing purposes.
Information about persons in connection with the performance of tasks for customers. For example, it may be name and contact information on contacts and sources. We do this to carry out our work.
Information about persons in connection with teaching, lectures and other events. For example, it may be name and contact information. We do this to take care of our work.

We can collect a variety of information about you through cookies and logs when using our digital platforms. We do this to provide the best possible experience with our digital platforms. Depending on how you access and use, for example, our website, we can collect:

• Information on how to use our digital platforms and the content you see on our digital platforms, what you look at, what searches you're doing, etc.
• Information on how to access our digital platforms, your browser, or your operating system, IP address and the digital platform you visited before visiting our platform.
• Information about your device. For example, Be information about the type of device you are using and information about your ISP.

Cookies delete themselves after a varying number of months.
See instructions on how to delete cookies here:

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can block them.
See instructions here:

Other data collections
UNI-TROLL EUROPE also uses analytics such as Google Analytics to gather statistics about your traffic on our digital platforms. We use the information to understand you better so we can develop better content for you.

Google saves information about traffic on the website on its own servers, but we anonymize the IP addresses by hiding the last eight digits. Therefore, it is not possible to identify the individual user through the data that Google collects.

You can opt out of Google Analytics cookies here:

In addition, on our digital platforms we use, among other things:

• Google Adwords
• Cookies from LinkedIn

We need to inform you about how we register cookies
All Danish websites are required to inform which cookies are sold on the user's equipment. The information must be in accordance with the "Order of Information and Consent Information for the Storage and Access to End User Terminal Equipment", which is part of an EU Directive on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications.
Read more about cookie rules on The Danish Agency for Business Administration.

Who has access to your data?
UNI-TROLL EUROPE 's employees have access to your personal information to the extent necessary for the cooperation or marketing you have consented to. Your personal information is kept safe and confidential.

Information about you is saved as long as we consider it necessary to fulfill our obligations and to comply with applicable laws, including the Accounting Act .

We only pass on information when it is necessary for our general task. Information may also be disclosed to others if necessary for authorities to carry out their duties.

We have data processing agreements with external data servers, where data we collect can be stored.

For example, we have data processing agreements with:
• Google Analytics Analysis Program
• Mailchimp newsletter system

Your rights
When the company processes your personal information, you have the following rights:

Right to withdraw your consent:
You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the company by telephone or by telephone. e-mail or letter to the company's address. If you withdraw your consent, it does not affect the legality of the treatments that the company has already made based on your consent.

Right to gain insight into your information:
You can at any time gain insight into what information the company is processing about you and how your information is processed.

Right to correct your information:
You have the right to have your information corrected if the company has incorrect information about you.

Right to delete your information:
In some cases, you may have the right to delete your information before the information would normally be deleted.

Right to limit the processing of your information:
In some cases, you may have the right to restrict the processing of your information. If you are entitled to limited treatment, the Company may only process the information except for storage, with your consent or for the purpose of determining, enforcing or defending legal claims, or for protecting a person or important social interests.

Right to object to the treatment
In some cases, you have the right to object to the company's processing of your personal information. You can also object to processing your information for direct marketing.

Data portability
In some cases, you may transfer your personal information from the company to another data controller or obtain them in a structured and machine-readable format.

If you wish to make use of your rights, please contact us in writing or by telephone.

You can read more about your rights in the Data Inspectorate's guidance on the data subjects' rights on the data surveillance website 

Complaint to Data Inspectorate
You have the opportunity to complain about our processing of your personal data to the Data Inspectorate at tel. 33193200 or e-mail:

Our contact information:
Navn: Carsten Hedelund
Adresse: Østerbro 4, 5690 Tommerup
CVR: 32 34 04 58
Tel.: +45 40172253

UNI-TROLL EUROPE 's privacy policy was last updated 31. October 2018.