Four enthusiasts – one shared vision

Behind the UNI-TROLL concept are four ambitious entrepreneurs who since 2012 have worked to improve the sustainability of international product distribution with a multifunctional trolley.


Søren Bøgede Andersen has more than 20 years of experience as board chairman of Container Centralen A/S. Logistics solutions involving trolleys and containers have played a central role in his career. See CV

Erling K. Mogensen has been an inventor and designer of pallet racking systems since 1975 and load carriers since 1985. See CV

Steen Juul Thomsen has been a fourth-generation co-owner of the Hjortebjerg Nursery since 1991 and a user of CC-Trollies for many years as a grower and transport company.

Carsten Hedelund is a chartered accountant and has been a co-owner of the project since 2016. Under his supervision and long-standing experience, a slim and simple administration has been established. See CV

With our different approaches to and knowledge of the challenges that exist in distribution chains, we have managed to challenge each other and create unique products which, together with a united concept and a universal and practical tool, can reduce resource consumption, improve working environments, and create value in international goods distribution.

Financial partners are brought on board in line with demand so that the UNI-TROLL concept can be built up in accordance with the users’ needs and wishes. Seed captital has been provided by Syddansk Innovation a/s.

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