The UNI-TROLL Trolley M3 is designed to carry three 600 x 400 mm ISO modular boxes or plastic crates per shelf level.

Underneath, two swivel and two fixed Ø125 mm castors ensure easy maneuverability, and the strong and durable 40 mm PUR tread ensures noise-reduced rolling.

Eight post profiles and four post extenders can be placed safely in the trolley base frame. This protects the posts from being damaged.
The post length is 2 x 1050 mm and a 250 mm extender ensures many different height combinations.

A Trolley M3 frame can also be placed on top of the posts, and you can take advantage of having a double-layer trolley load for the full truck height on long-distance transportations.

More Trolley M3 base frames can be stacked on top of each other to reduce costs when empty trolleys are returned. The stacking height of the first layer is 270 mm, and when stored empty 12 base frames can be stacked on top of each other to reach a height of 2580 mm.

Download UT-M3 STEEL data sheet here:

(UK) UT-M3 STEEL data sheet

(DE) UT-M3 STEEL data sheet

(FR) UT-M3 STEEL data sheet

(DK) UT-M3 STEEL data sheet

Measures and capacity

The trolley base frame is 1291 x 616 mm and the height from ground level is 270 mm. The inside length is 1215 mm.

The trolley’s carrying capacity is 400 kg SWL. Its unloaded weight with posts is 60 kg (base frame 34 kg and posts in total 26 kg).


Trolley M3 shelves are available in two different variations:

The Shelf M3 PWS is a plywood stackable shelf version that can carry 80 kg UDL. Its unloaded weight is 5.4 kg.
This shelf type can be delivered and returned on the trolley base frames without the use of posts, but secured by straps.

The Shelf M3 PWN is a plywood non-stackable shelf type which also carries 80 kg UDL. Its unloaded weight is 5.0 kg. This type of shelf must be placed in the posts when returned empty.

Both plywood shelf types have a strong and resistant design.

In each corner of both shelf types a hook ensures correct position in the posts’ access holes.

Our patented function between the shelves and the posts ensures easy positioning even with automated handling, and of course with or without goods on the shelves.

Add on for UT-M3 S

UT-LB - Lifting brake
UT-M2&M3 Step Ladder

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