The UNI-TROLL Trolley UT-M4 is designed to carry four 600 x 400 mm ISO modular boxes or plastic crates per shelf level.

The Base Frame has two swivel and two fixed Ø125 mm high quality double ball bearing castors which ensure easy manoeuvrability. Castors have a strong and durable 40 mm blue PUR tread that ensures noise-reduction when rolling. Four special bolts make eventual replacement of a damaged castor quite easy. Base frames are prepared for mount of a UT lift brake.

Download UT-M4 STEEL data sheet here:

(UK) UT-M4 STEEL data sheet

(DE) UT-M4 STEEL data sheet

(FR) UT-M4 STEEL data sheet

(DK) UT-M4 STEEL data sheet

Corner posts

The patented corner post profiles are split up. Each base frame having eight 75 cm long posts and four 35 cm post extenders. All with a patent applied for coupling piece fixation. Posts can be placed safely in the patent pend trolley base frame magazine with the function of orderly storing and noise reduction. This magazine also protects the posts from being damaged and makes them quite easy to manage manually or by automation. The divided corner posts ensure many different height combinations.


As an essential feature UT Base Frames are designed to be placed on the top of another assembled trolley. Applicable to all types of trolley setups, these must contain at least one shelf. Having a double-layer trolley build on the top ensures the use of the full truck height on long-distance transportations and safe working environment with correct height access to goods when the top trolley is taken down to the floor with a fork lifter. Trolley base frames with all posts included can be stacked on top of each other to reduce transport cost when empty base frames are returned or put in storage. Reduction empty to full is 1:5.5.

Measures and capacity

The UT-M4 base frame is 1291 x 816 mm outside and the height from floor level to top of the corner guides is 270 mm and the next base frame stacks by 210 mm. When stacked empty, 12 base frames can be stacked on top of each other and reaches then a height of 2580 mm. Sideways trucks can carry 3 pcs. UT-M4 trolleys in a normal 2480 mm wide trailer. Divide the length of the trailer in mm by 1291 and you find the number of rows that can be loaded.

The steel versions unladen weight of base frames including posts is 50.0 kg (base frame 33.0 kg and the 12 post parts - in total 17.0 kg). The trolley’s carrying capacity is 400 kg SWL (Safe Working Load). Generally steel grade SG 235 is used and where applicable, only steel qualified for hot dip galvanizing is used.


Trolley UT-M4 shelves are available in one version. In each of the four corners of a shelf a strong hook ensures correct and safe position of the shelf in the posts’ access holes with 50 mm intervals. The interaction between the hooks and the holes of the posts is a patented function. Empty shelves can be stacked on the corner guides of the trolley base without the use of posts, but must then be secured by straps. Shelves can easily be set into the post holes manually, by machinery or robot arms. The shelf setting is easy to automate either loaded with goods or empty, which is an essential part of the UNI-TROLL design strategy.

Add on for UT-M4 S

UT-LB - Lifting brake

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