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Let's rethink supply chain logistics!

Introducing our new universal trolley, which increases efficiency, sustainability and profits in supply chains

What do the customers say?

‘I would definitely recommend a trolley solution to others, it's a great help in everyday life, offering a quick overview of various things/products on the shelves within a very small space. The trolley can easily be moved. In my case, it was also used outdoors in the late spring and summer months for both planting potatoes and many plants.

I haven't exactly timed how much time/minutes I have saved... but there's no doubt that it has become much easier and better organised. With "light shelves" for various plant sprouting in January and February when there's very little daylight, it has made the workflow much easier and more productive.

I have often thought about a good way/idea for how storing various frost-sensitive flowers/plants could be made easier, where previously I had to cover beds/floors with plastic in case water ran through the pot. With your new zinc trays solution, it doesn't matter so much if the water runs through (no need for saucers anymore). It is easy to get an overview with all the plants gathered in one place on all the shelves and saves a lot of time. The solution is incredibly efficient/convenient for the production of various seed sprouting (tomato/chili/cucumber). It’s really good with LED lighting under shelves for germination, especially when there is not so much daylight in the winter.’

Torben Clausen - Henne Kirkeby Kro

‘MATAS.DK has found that UNI-TROLL is a reliable partner who has responded quickly to our needs and delivered products that meet MATAS.DK's requirements for picking carts, and we find that they work really well and cover our needs.

The chosen solution has made it somewhat easier for our employees to handle picking carts compared to other models used. The tare weight and the new towing arrangements on the carts are far more manageable, which has streamlined the workflows.

We are happy to recommend shelving carts from UNI-TROLL to other companies. UNI-TROLL's team has also proven to be skilled and quick to understand MATAS.DK's specific needs, and [they] implement good solutions. Although there is only a minor time saving with the chosen solution with a built-in stool/step ladder, it has, after a bit of adjustment, made the work somewhat easier for our employees.

Our overall experience with UNI-TROLL has therefore been positive, and your service has clearly met our expectations.’

Steen Ravnborg - Head of e-Commerce Logistics -

‘ is very pleased to be using UNI-TROLL's picking carts. In collaboration with UNI-TROLL, we have found a solution to our needs and have had their UT-M3 carts delivered (which meet Luksusbaby's requirements for picking carts), and we are very satisfied with the result. Furthermore, in collaboration, and good dialogue, we have been involved in the development of a handle, which works really well for our employees.

We have chosen UNI-TROLL's M3 carts, which are the desired size. The shelves measure 60 x 120 cm, which allows for more picking boxes compared to other carts. We have also chosen their step ladder/stool, which enables the employees to easily pick items from the top of our shelves. Our shelves are 2.4 meters in height. The step ladder makes it easy to place the items on the top shelf without additional strain on the shoulders and neck.

We recommend shelving carts from UNI-TROLL because they are versatile and can be used in many different ways, and it's convenient to be able to both buy and rent. UNI-TROLL's team is patient, skilled, and eager to find a solution in collaboration with us. We are not just a number in the line.

Our overall experience with UNI-TROLL has only been positive, and their service has definitely met our expectations.'

Mogens Lykke Olesen - CSCO - Luksusbaby

    Sustainability in all supply chains

    Designed for a greener future and UN 17 SDGs

    The new UNI-TROLL trolleys increases efficiency, sustainability and profits in supply chains.

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    The Trolley M2 is designed for two ISO modular boxes per shelf. Its well thought-out design and patented details make it easy for producers, transporters, wholesalers and other processing companies and retailers to reduce man hours...



    The UNI-TROLL Trolley M3 is designed to carry three 600 x 400 mm ISO modular boxes or plastic crates per shelf level...



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