UNI-TROLL’s strength is that our trolleys are universal. Nevertheless, we know that we have to be able to respond to different companies’ different needs and requests for details which can make a big difference for them in their daily operations.

 All UNI-TROLL trolleys come prepared for various types of customer-specific add-ons:


Trolley parking brake

We can add an optional parking brake to keep the trolley in a fixed position when it is used to display products.


Positioning the shelves for product display

We also provide and optional post lifter which can lift the two posts 90 mm in one movement using only a single grip. Afterwards, all shelves are sloped for better presentation of the goods and both posts are secured with a safety plug.


Linking up trolleys for internal mass transportation

UNI-TROLL trolleys can also be supplied with a device that enables transport of multiple trolleys at a time with a conveyor, electric truck or robot.


Shelf Sloper


Side- and endgrid frames


Bread Basket


If you have a specific need for a trolley, our design department is ready to discuss developing a solution.

Our philosophy is that a UNI-TROLL trolley should suit your supply chain, not vice versa. We therefore continuously develop new features that can add value in your specific supply chain.


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