Environmental impact

Your organization alone is responsible for your company’s profit.
The environment is our shared responsibility!

UNI-TROLL has taken note of the vision of COP 21 and carefully studied the World Economic Forum’s alarming report on plastic: it estimates that around 269,000 tonnes of plastic are floating in the world’s oceans. There is clearly an urgent need for practical and down-to-earth tools for decision makers worldwide in order to help reduce the consumption of resources in a world that is expected to have nine billion inhabitants by 2050. One such tool is the UNI-TROLL trolley system.

The UNI-TROLL concept is based on a vision of sustainable supply chains and a circular economy, and is an effective tool for reducing environmental impact. Why not share the distribution and warehouse tools that keep the wheels of international production and trade rolling? When you do not need your UNI-TROLL trolleys, they are in principle available to others who have the same needs but a slightly different logistics pattern. You’ll save a lot of resources on one-way packaging, your environmental impact will be reduced, your costs will be adapted to your actual needs, and as co-owner of a pool, you will have the opportunity to earn money on your trolleys in your own off-season. We believe this model makes a lot of sense, and this is the vision behind UNI-TROLL’s pool concept.