Unique. United. Universal.

The unique UNI-TROLL concept is the result of ambitious visions and many years of solid and determined development work. We have challenged the traditional supply chain logistics and are proud to present a value-adding, sustainable and well thought-out solution for all links in the supply chain. Let’s join forces and realize increased efficiency and profits!

Easy handling, saving
labour costs

Too many hours and labour costs are wasted every day on heavy and cumbersome handling of inappropriate load carriers – for example manoeuvring pallets and grid cages when restocking goods, unnecessary reloading of goods throughout the supply chain, or unwieldly and time-consuming handling of goods on pallets, in old grid cages or other inappropriate packaging solutions.

UNI-TROLL trolleys can be assembled and handled by machines, thereby freeing up resources for more value-adding activities in your business. It’s a flexible concept on wheels that minimizes man hours in all links of the chain! Focusing on cost savings quickly reveals that the costs of leasing trolleys are less significant than the trolleys’ high quality and user-friendliness, which are key factors in the cost-saving equation.

The trolley minimizes
expensive one-way packaging

According to the World Economic Forum’s report on plastic, 269,000 tonnes of plastic are floating in the world’s oceans. Action needs to be taken now –and the UNI-TROLL concept can help! Thanks to their universal modular design, our trolleys function optimally in a system together with the reusable modular plastic boxes already on the market. This saves resources on purchasing, packaging, unpacking, filling shelves and throwing out one-way packaging. At the same time it supports a sustainable movement for the benefit of our shared environment.

Easy handling of
ISO module boxes

The trolley is designed for loading ISO modular boxes onto shelves or in the base frame, making it the obvious choice to use throughout the value chain, from the producer’s inventory to the product display in the store.

UNI-TROLL M2 and UNI-TROLL M3 contain two and three modular boxes per shelf respectively. Local products from large and small suppliers can easily and gently be transported through the supply chain to the end user without repacking or unnecessary and expensive packaging.

The trolleys can be assembled
and prepared with or without
the load by machinery

Minimize overly heavy and unwieldy goods handling. Our trolleys can easily and quickly be assembled and disassembled by machines during use, and the shelves can be angled with one movement using a simple tool.

Our trolleys are designed for several handling functions by robots eg. stacking, destacking, loading, transportation, cleaning etc.

This saves significant time and money, and a simple tool for raising posts gives you even better instore product exposure.

The trolleys can easily be stacked
down for storage or for transportation
when empty

We want to make sure you spend the fewest possible resources on return transport and storage of empty trolleys. Our trolleys are designed so that the shelves can easily be removed and the posts disassembled and placed securely in the trapeze in the base frame.

This can even be done mechanically. Our trolleys can be stacked, ready for the next rotation, so they don’t take up valuable space when they are not being transported with goods. 

Designed for use in all
parts of the supply chain

Our trolleys can be used in production, trade, warehouses and as a display solution in retail. Local producers can easily and safely deliver fresh products directly to local retail stores in reusable modular boxes. Companies using e-commerce can use them as unique and labour-saving “picking” trolleys.

They can be used as storage units and when restocking goods in retail stores and at production companies’ installation and assembly lines. UNI-TROLL makes it easy to combine environmental responsibility with profitable business!