Can you spare five minutes? Then we might be able to save you one working hour a day.

Outdated equipment and resulting cumbersome workflows are overlooked time wasters in many parts of the supply chain. It is necessary to look at the overall costs, not just the cost of purchasing or leasing the load carrier seen in isolation. The UNI-TROLL concept eliminates waste of time and packaging and focuses on all the opportunities for savings throughout the value chain.

An example of the savings to be made

The UNI-TROLL concept saves 15,000 stores in a grocery chain an average of one hour a day on handling, unpacking and restocking goods in the store, as well as disposing of one-way packaging.

With a cost saving of one working hour – in this example set at €10 – and provided that the same workflows produce equivalent savings six days a week for 52 weeks a year in all of the chain’s stores, the result is a potential cost saving of €47 million a year at chain level! We’ll let that amount sink in for a moment.

If, for example, a UNI-TROLL Trolley M2 POOL solution is chosen, a saving on this scale will be very likely. By establishing a 10-year financing of the purchase price of one Trolley M2 with four shelves, the annual cost per trolley will be about €27.

With €47 million, the chain as a UNI-TROLL POOL PARTNER can obtain disposal of approximately two million Trolley M2s, and on top of that achieve financial and OHS benefits by taking part in a sustainable supply chain solution. This many trolleys will hardly be necessary, but the example shows that the savings on labour costs in a given trolley model should be given more consideration than the purchase/rental cost. With UNI-TROLL, you get a solution that already in the first year contributes to better financial results.