Alex Andersen Ølund A/S sees potential in UNI-TROLL EUROPE

One of Europe’s largest flower-logistics companies is looking forward to the new trolleys becoming part of their everyday lives.

“I see advantages in new kinds of trolleys that can be used all-round in a retail chain, from production to trade and display. The trolley is made in order to automate and optimize the process and handling. This is important in an industry where labour is a heavy cost,” says Jan Andersen, CEO and one of three brothers and owners of Alex Andersen Ølund A/S.

Alex Andersen Ølund A/S specializes in transporting mainly flowers, fruits and vegetables. The company is a modern logistics company that helps its customers with everything from packaging management to contract packaging. It is headquartered in Denmark and has several branches throughout Europe.

Strong focus on environment
The company has a strong focus on environmental friendliness. It has a policy of replacing its lorries when they are between three and five years old to ensure low fuel consumption.

The fleet counts approximately 200 lorries, and the group has about 550 employees, two-thirds of whom are drivers constantly on the move.

Last year Alex Andersen Ølund A/S transported more than 1.5 million CC-trollies, and even small changes in such an amount can make a huge impact.

New methods and innovation is a constant focal point and CEO Jan Andersen is looking forward to the launch of UNI-TROLL EUROPE.

Great perspectives
The new trolleys can easily be packed down for easier transportation or storing to minimize empty trucks.

“We see great perspectives in this progressive design. Quality, flexible heights, noise-reducing wheels, and RFID tags which give us an opportunity for automated action. It all adds up to a much better performance,” Jan Andersen adds.

But somebody has to go first.

“If a supermarket chain is ready, we are ready. It is an opportunity to rethink the way trolleys are currently being used in retail.”

“For us as a logistic company it opens up a new market and enables us to transport other types of goods.”