The pool concept

The UNI-TROLL POOL concept is based on a visionary principle of a circular economy and pay-by-use in a range of customized and product-specific “pools” of trolleys for stakeholders with the same needs.

The customers/users have co-ownership of these trolley pools, meaning that they share administration, development and R&M costs. They also share revenue from rentals to third parties according to the number of units that are injected into the pool company. Through planning and an approach based on common ownership in the UNI-TROLL pool, profits are made by, for example, renting excess-capacity units to other customers in the off-season. Investments and ongoing maintenance are solely decided on and carried out by the pool owners, and they have a say in the design, repair and maintenance policies and the choice of pool-management partners.

Individual pools have their own finances and management. The inventory of units in the UNI-TROLL pool is controlled through a unique RFID and ICT system that can be operated via mobile phones, stationary and mobile scanners, and other devices. Pool management is outsourced so even this cost can be made as variable as possible in relation to consumption.