Pool companies

UNI-TROLL invites all interested parties to join a close cooperation on forming one or more pool companies. Our vision is that the owners of identical types of UNI-TROLL Trolleys (e.g. M2, M3 and so on) achieve savings and additional revenue by realizing synergies through participating as co-owners of pool companies together with lenders (e.g. leasing companies) as well as a UNI-TROLL POOL PARTNER COMPANY. This company’s mission will be to manage the coordination and administration and ensure the pool company’s expansion and efficient operation. The vision is that a pool company will have three types of shareholders: A, B and C.

  • A shareholders: partners (owners/users of the trolleys)
  • B shareholders: partners (financial companies that, in addition to financing the owners’ purchase, can also acquire an inventory to rent out)
  • C shareholders: the partner (UNI-TROLL POOL COMPANY) who will participate as facilitator and knowledge and administration partner, and be responsible for expanding the pool. 

There are many benefits of the UNI-TROLL pool concept. It is a unique opportunity to promote shared user and capital interests and thereby save on the costs of administration, operation, repair and maintenance, etc. At the same time it optimizes the use of the shared number of trolleys in the pool. In particular, this use can be optimized in the company’s on- and off-seasons through rental to or from other pool partners, and possibly to ad hoc users who do not have co-ownership of the pool. This will increase the pool participants’ earnings.

The joint choice of a pool manager with, among other things, an ICT system and a depot structure, is intended to ensure effective inventory administration and practical and flexible inventory logistics (pool management, network of depots and the units’ availability). Synergies will especially be realized if the partners jointly plan an equal distribution of units during peak loads, agree on shared investments in additional units for the pool, and plan their mutual needs over the season in a transparent manner.