RFID tracking/security

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a well-known method of detecting objects from a distance, wherever the objects are placed.

All our trolley base frames and shelf types are marked with a unique RFID tag of the passive type, which provide easy counting (activated by a scanner) when the components are shifting place. Loaded goods can also be identified when using systems with load specifications linked to the unit’s RFID code.

The RFID tracking adds value to all logistic processes and contributes to reducing loss and optimizing stock-keeping. It provides simple and secure transfer from one entity to the other. 

Our RFID markings are placed on the trolley frame and shelves on the short side for easier detecting in the rolling direction, either with a portal scanner or a handheld scanner.

UNI-TROLL offers a web-based tool that enables you to track and trace the trolleys. You thus have a constantly updated overview of the usage and movement pattern, and minimize the risk of stock-keeping errors, theft and wastage.


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