UNI-TROLL’s mission statement

To develop and introduce a load-carrier concept: a new trolley (or RTI, Reusable Transport Item) that can optimize logistics, is strongly protectable and copy-proof, and adds value to the users.

The company UNI-TROLL EUROPE is in charge of developing and marketing the concept and the UNI-TROLL brand in relation to the vision and mission statement.



UNI-TROLL’s vision

The market needs a unique, universal new modular standard trolley for multiple logistic purposes, operated in unity in many industries and throughout the distribution chain – from producer to retailer – worldwide. The functionality must meet the users’ demands – such as handling by robots, low weight, etc.

The new trolley must be very cost-efficient, i.e. as inexpensive as possible to buy, use and maintain over its total lifetime. Investments should be concentrated in the pool company.